ISC 2019

The 7th Internet Security Conference (hereinafter referred to as “ISC 2019”), jointly organized by Internet Society of China, Cybersecurity Association of China, 360 Security Center and many other cybersecurity companies, is scheduled to be held at Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center from August 19 to 20.

ISC, a security summit with the highest level of standard, the largest scale and most far-reaching influence in Asia-Pacific, was first convened in 2013 and has been held for 6 sessions including 12 international summits, over 100 sub-forums and 18 special events. The conference has witnessed more than 180 foreign experts from over 30 countries, over 1100 speeches and 184 thousand of participants, and been reported by over 500 media agencies from home and abroad.

With the advent of the “broad security” era, cybersecurity has expanded from pure information security to national security, defense security, critical infrastructure security, social security, economic security and personal security. Furthermore, the vigorous development of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT and AI has brought about unprecedented security challenges. In the face of complex and severe cybersecurity situations, cybersecurity has risen to the level of a national strategy.

Under such circumstances, ISC 2019 is to be held in a new and upgraded way. ISC 2019, in the theme of “Cyber Warfare, Big Ecology, Broad Security”, intends to encourage the discussion of how to realize a big security ecology in the era of broad security so as to address increasingly complex cybersecurity security challenges. In terms of the conference scale, ISC 2019 will last for two days, including nearly 20 industrial and technological forums. Besides security issues in 5G, IoT, AI and blockchain, ISC 2019 will also focus on hotspot topics like national security, smart city security, talent cultivation and personal information security. As an inclusive conference, ISC 2019 opens its arms to various partners. It will plan and organize forums with diversified topics and rich content, together with government departments, security enterprises, security departments of internet companies, and investment institutions.

In the meanwhile, ISC 2019 will also include a Chinese-style innovation sandbox competition from which the top 10 security start-ups will be selected. Its purpose is to set a new evaluation standard that focuses on innovation and foresight for the cybersecurity industry, discover and support more outstanding start-ups, and promote the innovation and development of the cybersecurity industry.