The 8th ISC (ISC 2020), co-sponsored by China Internet Association, CyberSecurity Association of China, Big Data Operation and Maintenance (Internet Security) Committee of China Industry and Commerce Federation and 360 Cyber Security Center, jointly organized by China Confidentiality Association, China Computer Federation, presented by Computer Security Committee of China Computer Federation, AI and Security Commiteed of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, is coming soon. It’s been an extraordinary year that it will be held online for the first time. More than 10,000 people will join us on this cloud conference at the same time and make it the main venue for exchange of security information and technology. Through the exchange of global security think-tanks, the conference is committed to continuously making valuable idea collisionhappen, and creatingan extraordinary meeting experience for thousands of participants around the world. On cloud meeting, let’shear your voice about security. Great worth the wait.
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More industry leaders are being invited, and the entry list is subject to the actual situation.

The Previous Topics
  • Industrial Internet Security Forum
  • Vulnerability Discovery and Exploitation Forum
  • Cybersecurity Talents Training Forum
  • Terminal Security of Domestic Computing Platform
  • Network Monitoring and Response Forum
  • 5G Security Forum
  • Theory and Practice of Electronic Data Forensics Forum
  • Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Forum
  • Big Data Security Forum
  • Artificial Intelligence and Security Forum
  • Attack and Defense Trend Exploration
  • System Construction of Security Talent Training
  • RFrom NTA to XDR
  • Co-construction of SecurityEcology
  • Cutting-edge CyberSecurity TechnologySharing in the 5G era
  • Personal Information Security and Privacy Protection
  • Artificial Intelligence and Security Forum
Cloud Exhibition Hall
As the world's top security information exchange platform, ISC (Internet Security Conference) brings industry leaders together to create multiple values for security industry. ISC 2020 will open cloud exhibition which is an online display platform for security companies to energize security development and jointly build a new impetus for security ecology. Now we are sincerely inviting you to participate in this cloud exhibition. Let's jointly lead the new wave of digital transformation era.
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Featured Activities Parts
  • Topic collection has been started

    In the information age, we should take the lead to talk with industry leaders to inspire great ideas. Every year, ISC conference topic collection will be launched first to listen to global network security decision makers, experts, scholars and technical practitioners’ forward-looking and constructive insights on internet security, to discuss network attack and defense and prospect industry changes. As expected, now we are sincerely inviting you to share your most concerned topical issues of internet security. Let's start a fruitful brainstorming for the development of cyber security industry.Learn more>>

  • ISC 2020 Innovative Unicorn-Sandbox Contest

    1 billion+ capital to invest entrepreneurs!100+ media exposure of excellent startup projects!360 top security expert advisory group's one-on-one business consulting!ISC 2020 innovation Unicorn sandbox competition kicks off, focusing on the application scenarios of new infrastructure, expanding the project recruitment scope to cloud security, data security, smart city security and other "big security" fields, selecting outstanding innovative enterprises and offering big awards. We are aiming to cultivate innovation ecology and look for innovative unicorns in cyber security industry.Learn more>>

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The 6th ISC in 2018
ISC 2018 takes ‘Cybersecurity Starts from Scratch’ as the theme to discuss internet security issues in the digital age. It has 3 major themes of 3 summits in 3 days and 33 sub-forums. Domestic authorities, security enterprises, entrepreneurs and scholars, top cybersecurity experts, and global security experts all make an in-depth interpretation of the ‘Great Security Age’ and discuss the challenges and solutions of cybersecurity in the era of digital transformation.


The 5th ISC in 2017
Under the theme of ‘Everything is changing and human is the measure of security’, ISC 2017 explores the coupling effect between human and cyber security. Entering the age of great security, the seemingly impregnable defense built blindly by expensive hardware equipment is insecure. Actually, security is not only about technology, but a human issue. Human is the measuring standard of security. Through the exchange of practical experience and advanced ideas, we can bring fresh inspiration for the whole internet security industry.


The 4th ISC in 2016
ISC 2016 is dedicated to promoting data collaboration, industry collaboration and intelligence collaboration in the Internet industry under the theme of ‘Synergy to Build Security Community with a Shared Future’. The conference also hold in-depth discussions on hot topics like national cyberspace strategy, industrial policies and regulations, cyber security technology, investment and entrepreneurship, and talent training. There is a consensus among participants that only a collaborative effort could break down data silos and make global connectivity possible.


The 3th ISC in 2015
ISC 2015 focuses on ‘Data-Driven Security’ to explore the latest global information security trends and share research and practices on cutting-edge security technologies. The conference centers on the ‘radar detection’ capabilities and ‘data sharing’ of cyber security. Wider cyberspace coverage puts higher demands on internet security protection. To this end,360 establish China’s first threat intelligence centre to address the increasingly urgent and complex security situation on the internet.


The 2th ISC in 2014
with the theme ‘Connected World, Security First’, ISC 2014 focuses on the new challenges and problems of information security in the context of the internet age and big data. Forward-looking issues such as national cyberspace strategy, smart city, internet finance, digital healthcare and wearable computing are deeply discussed at the conference.


The 1th ISC in 2013
ISC 2013 covers internet security theme conferences, professional and technical forums, business fairs, security solutions and product exhibitions, network attack and defense competitions and others. The conference also invite experts from Samsung, 360, PCSL and other top mobile phone manufacturers as well as security vendors to discuss the current situation and future prospects of mobile security. At the same time, a number of research results are firstly publised here.